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Each child carries his or her own blessing
into the world. - Hebrew Proverb

Truly, a child is a miracle. Blessed are we
to receive into our lives the life and love
of a child. To parents, grandparents,
aunts, uncles, siblings, all who are
touched by this new life, congratulations.
This is a time of renewal and change,
of growth and wonder.

For a long time there were only
your footprints and laughter in our dreams
and even from such small things,
Central Florida Baptismwe knew we could not wait
to love you forever. --Brian Andreas

Rev. Georgiana is available to officiate
your child’s blessing, Welcoming,
Baptism ceremony.  She creates
ceremonies which reflect the couple’s
choice for the baby ceremony,
incorporating readings and traditions
from different cultures and faiths
as requested by the family.

Parents, siblings, grandparents,
godparents, mentors, supporting adults
can all be included as they accept
their responsibility in the care
and raising of the child.

Ideal for couples who are looking
for a ceremony which honors
Central Florida Baby Blessing
their unique family connection
whether interfaith, nondenominational,
or lovingly spiritual and uniquely inspired.
Rev. Georgiana offers ideas
for recognizing and honorings
the blessing of the child.
She travels to locations throughout
Central Florida to officiate these
joyous events.

To arrange a free ceremony
consultation, contact Georgiana
at 407-339-4050 or by email at

"We had such a lovely time with
Orlando Baptismyou on Friday. It was a beautiful
ceremony. The whole family

commented on it. I will send you
the pictures. Once again,
thanks again for such a beautiful

and meaningful ceremony!
It meant so much
to my entire family!"
--Alycen, mother of Aria, Cocoa Beach

"OH MY GOODNESS! I love every
piece of the ceremony!! LOL There is

not one thing I want to change.
I am so happy we made the decision
to make this a more personal celebration.
I am so excited to meet you."
--Whitney, mother of Enzo, Orlando

"I want to have another baby to have a celebration like this!"
comment overheard at a baby blessing conducted by Rev. Georgiana

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