Ceremony Ideas

Some couples want traditional ceremonies, and it is always wonderful to be a part
of time-honored traditions. Yet, many couples today are interested in including
non-traditional elements that speak to their hearts and souls. Below are some
quality and memorable ways to express your union which you may want to
consider when making your wedding ceremony plans.

Rev. Georgiana would be happy to share more information about these and
other ideas so your wedding will be everything you choose for it to be.

The Sand Ceremony is a wonderful choice
offered by many celebrants as an option
to the Unity Candle for outdoor weddings.
Symbolizing two lives joining in the relationship
of marriage, the Sand Ceremony can include
pouring of sand by family members, including
children. Wonderful photo of a Sand Ceremony
by abbaphotography.com
Venue: Winter Park Civic Center

Unique Ring Ceremony
by Rev. Georgiana for couples
wanting to be fully present, aware
and connected to their partner
during the transformation
of exchanging rings. Lovely
capture of the moment by
Venue: Bok Tower Gardens

Rose Ceremony
Intimate and romantic, the
roses are the first gift to
one another as husband
and wife.
Venue: Bok Tower Gardens

Lovely and unique, an old tradition of
tying the hands together to symbolize
the couple's union. The hands are bound
with ribbon or cord. From this tradition
come the sayings 'tying the knot,'
'bonds of matrimony,' and 'good luck
if it rains on wedding day'.
Venue: Maison and Jardin

Circle Ceremony celebrating the couple
and honoring their shared spirituality.
Venue: Maitland Art Center

Rev. Georgiana M. Johnson
Orlando, Florida